Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Beautiful Dresses to Wear to a Wedding. Wedding Guest Dresses Fashion and Tips on What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest.

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Dresses to Wear to Attend a Wedding as a Guest

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Tip # 1: Consider the Location or Venue

Often the most overlooked factor in what to wear to a wedding as a guest is where the wedding will take place. A great dress can look great on you, but totally irrelevant to the place of marriage and setting. You may also be left feeling more dressed in dress or just comfortable in a dress weather appropriate. So before you attend the ceremony or reception, consider: the inside dining room or outside? On the beach or in a courthouse? A decadent affair in a castle or a simple ceremony at a friend’s house or garden? Is it a ceremony of the day or evening? Can you take your wedding ceremony to the reception, or a change outfit or accessory needed change? With so many dresses to wear to a wedding it’s best narrow down your choices to make the decision easier and quicker

In a Courthouse:
For a matter of courthouse, its best to check with the wife first to see if and how the ceremony plans to be. You definitely do not want to appear when the bride is dressed in a costume business pants! Its best to opt for a discreet look in this scenario, keeping in mind the dignity of the event by not dressing too casual.

Garden Wedding:
A daytime event or garden tea length dresses should cut colors. Do not show very sexy and sassy in high heels and the sky a mini-dress for this type of event! Having your beautiful new pair of heels impaled in the grass in a garden ceremony will leave you wishing you wore flats! So plan ahead, bringing a change of shoes for a reception later.

Traditional Ceremony:
For the classic marriage made until eruption of the century, you have to accept that the buildup of this event requires advance planning. For these types of events, classic cuts and styles are best. Stay true to your expectations timeless, the LBD (Little Black Dress) or LWD (Little White Dress) for a summer wedding, and a pair of heels taste paired with matching clutch. Bring a wrap to expectations in the open air around (photos) or keep at home in air-conditioning. These weddings can be as fun as it is a great excuse to really done everything and feel like a princess that you watch your friend to take her vows. A dress for this type of case is usually glam chic enough to take you to the reception ceremony.

Beach Vows:
If you are a wedding on the beach, you’ve probably already lost a large sum of money on airfare, then skip the madness for new shoes … In all that sand, which will notice anyway! A maxi dress chic and well cut will do wonders for both ceremony and reception, and coupled with a pair of gladiator sandals to your wardrobe, you will feel comfortable at a wedding destination, and have fun without breaking the bank!

Black-Tie Optional
So you head to the country club for a black tie wedding? Do not stress, as this is really a fun opportunity to dress up and feel great in formal coat with the hair-up do. If you’re not sure how formal to go, ask the bride, or play it safe with more than casual fancy. Be under-dressed is embarrassing, but is so overcome the bride. A high-do with a formal cocktail dress tea length fits perfectly in between ball gown and evening gown. Opt for a fancy dress, with pearls, and bring a wrap to add stylish sophistication. Do not dress too sexy and do not show up in a suit pants!

Tip # 2: Consider the season

Summer Wedding:

The official wedding season, summer is the time wasted chances are you will be invited to attend a wedding. Do not sweat this season bearing in mind some simple tips that will ensure you turn heads while keeping cool and comfortable, and of course, keeping the attention focused on the bride. First, since its season, light a stick of sunny summer colors, and prints. While a LBD is correct for an evening reception, do not attend a ceremony of the day in the dark, and of course, do not come in white, either, unless its a white wedding theme. Keep away from plunging necklines or sky high heels for the garden and outdoor ceremonies: it is not the time to look sexy nightclub, nor the time to fill the lawn with holes in your heels. A ceremony of the day outdoors may also be suitable for a sleek pantsuit, but not short! For formal ceremonies inside, it’s better to forget the costume pants just to be on the safe side. A black tie event was to be kept classy and formal, but a floor length dress is not necessary in this season. A destination wedding means its been sunny all year round, so be sure to keep it light and hassle free for a wedding on the beach.

Spring Wedding:

It is perhaps in the spring, and we are all dying to get out of our winter wardrobe and frumpy style was trembling, but its still cold outside, so dress smart for a wedding in the spring. This is the perfect opportunity to wear bright colors and bold floral prints and cute without sticking like a sore thumb. A pretty pastel dress with heels is also a good option if the air is still alive, or you do not have time to work off those winter pounds at the gym. Half-length cocktail dress tea length in a solid color can take you directly to the reception, but remember, a black dress for a ceremony the day of spring does not work. You probably want to ditch the pantyhose for a wedding in the spring, and make sure a pedicure! Bring a colorful pashmina as a stylish and comfortable cover-up. A spring wedding is the perfect time to try a hat or even gloves. If the royal wedding can take many hats, so if you can!

Fall Wedding:

This is our personal favorite season of marriage, as the clear nights warm days and cool evenings are perfect for the ceremony day, the combination of evening reception! Dress for a fall wedding can be difficult at times trying to find a balance between attending to the wishes and warm day a cold reception in the dark. If you attend a black tie event, a long evening gown Floor-length is more suitable for the reception, although a cocktail dress tea length can create an illusion of class without the drama of a full blown dress. If you are not sure, dress, somewhere in the middle of the cocktail and formal, and you have right person in. Stick to deep, rich colors, not necessarily a LBD. Formal heels and a clutch will look great with a dark suit pants, cocktail dress or a dress. Bring a wrap in case the air is chilly.

Winter Wedding:

By place of marriage, winter temperatures range from cool to freezing. If you are invited to a wedding in a few feet of snow, be practical. A trouser suit is acceptable for the ceremony here, as a jacket over your dress. An elegant dress pants, black with pearls to dress you turn right from the ceremony to the reception. If you are braving a dress, bring a jacket but make sure of his fancy clothes and enough to keep you from looking and feeling frumpy. It’s a good idea to bring a wrap, even a heated indoor reception, just in case. If you pot to wear boots, go with black heels, after all it is a marriage, even if the bride and groom have invited you to a freeze out! Deep, beautiful colors of purple, burgundy, blue or green will look great in a winter wedding, and that this type of marriage, the popularity is increasing, its best to have a dress ready and waiting in your wardrobe. As a side tip, go for a simple hassle free haircut, such as freezing cold winds and snow will destroy the best loops and are put in no time!

Styles of Wedding Guest Dresses

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There are a number of attractive dresses that a woman can consider wearing to a wedding. Here are a few of the best options for wedding guest dresses to use for the big day.


The strapless dress is one that uses a series of supports around the upper part of the dress to keep it upright without any pressure getting in the way. This works well for women who want to find dresses that can accentuate the shoulders. It works especially great for weddings in the summer.


A cocktail dress will have a short build to it. It will end slightly over the knees in most cases. It also comes with supports for the shoulders if needed. It is best to wear this during the summer. It can also work well for weddings in the evening when cocktail party attire is being used. It is perfect for a woman who wants to show off her frame and to wear something that is especially unique and interesting.

In some cases this may even go well alongside a fashionable designer trenchcoat. This is to create an appearance that is not only interesting but also more detailed. It may go with a belt that matches the color of the dress.

Tea Length

The tea length dress has a gown that will extend in width from the waist to its bottom part. It can go slightly below a woman’s knees and about ten inches from the ground. This option for wedding guest dresses is better for those who attend daytime weddings or weddings that are semi-formal. They are not recommended for formal weddings.

Ball Gown

The ball gown is one of the more traditional wedding guest dresses around. It will feature a full length that includes the dress extending outward to where it will be more visible as it protrudes outward. This is suitable for formal weddings as well as weddings that take place during the evening hours. It may be worn to create a greater amount of detail that can make any woman look a little more noticeable and interesting.

Knee Length

The knee length dress is very versatile thanks to how it will have a length that goes right up to the knees. This will create something that is handsome and will not be very distracting. It can also create a design that is either semi-formal or formal based on its cut and whether or not there are any straps. This can work to show off the legs but it is often best used for semi-formal weddings just to be sure. This works best with a casual style for day weddings and a more detailed and intricate pattern for evening weddings.

Floor Length

The floor length dress will go all the way down to the floor. This is used to cover the entire body. This may be suitable for women who want to express their frames and show off their natural curves to where they may be a little more noticeable in any spot. Meanwhile, this dress is better suited for a formal occasion because of its professional appearance and modest design.


The sundress is the next of the wedding guest dresses to find. This is a dress that features an informal look like has a smaller series of straps alongside a v-shape necklace. It will also have a design that goes over the knees and may even have some frills to go with it.

This kind of dress is better suited to women who want to wear something for a summer or spring wedding during the daytime. Also, it is best for women who want an informal look to her appearance during the wedding. The variety of designs for these dresses should make it easier for a woman to get a better appearance going for a wedding.

One Shoulder

The one shoulder approach is the last choice to use when finding wedding guest dresses. It has one thick shoulder strap while the other shoulder does not have anything. This can come in any length and can be very versatile for any kind of wedding although some formal weddings will not allow this style. It often works well with women who have smaller waistlines. A belt may be added to this choice if desired.

Dresses for Wedding Guests Tips

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Have an invite to a wedding and find yourself in a fashion crossroad? Unsure if your dress is season-appropriate? Does the invite say there is a dress code and don’t know where to start? Fret not! Being in a wedding that is not yours does not mean you can’t look like a million bucks. Here is all you needed to know about looking fabulous at a wedding and how to shop for dresses for wedding guests:

Decoding the Code

Dress code or a theme is a regular feature in most weddings. So begin with looking for what the invitation says; many invitations carry a small section where the theme/code/type of wedding is specified, and pick your dress based on that. While top picks for wedding guests are formal, simple and elegant dresses, adhere to it and be suitably dressed. Don’t let words like black-tie, formal or semi-formal dressing in the invitation discourage you from looking your dazzling best at a wedding.

So what are these codes all about?

  • White Tie: This type of dressing is characterized by a very strict dress code where the men are dressed in tailsuit, hat, white tie, starched white shirt and black shoes; the women are dressed up in formal, full-length evening gowns and ball gowns, which are accessorized with shawls and white gloves. This however, limits any customization or variations.
  • Black Tie: Though similar to a white-tie dress code, it gives the guest, room for variations and customizations. As formal as the code is, it allows additions like accessories. Long, flowing evening gowns with embellishments, dressy blouses with long skirts fit the black-tie dress code.
  • Formal: This dress code is slightly more informal than the white tie. You could opt for tea-length or cocktail-length dresses with dressy elements like subtle shimmer, embellishments and so on. Accessories like a diamante clutch, long and ornate earrings or necklaces work well for this attire.
  • Semi-formal or Dressy Casuals: If your invite reads this, pick a dress that essentially is a fine balance between a formal and casual dress. You could opt for knee-length or cocktail dresses. If you want something different, dressy blouses and skirts are suitable options.
  • Casuals: As the name suggests, anything goes. However, tank tops, shorts and jeans are a big no-no. Instead a sundress, a casual blouse with khaki or cotton pants will be appropriate.

Season/Theme-appropriate Dressing

As wedding guests, the following are ways to nail your look for a wedding:


The spring-summer season calls for light, breezy, fun and bright colors. A strapless or sleeveless short dress works best; you could also opt for a short, a-line skirt with a blouse with an interesting neckline. Fabrics like cotton and linen give maximum comfort; this is particularly a great pick for a hot morning wedding or an outdoor wedding. For a night wedding, pick light knee-length dresses with strapless, halterneck details. If you are wearing a short dress or skirt, avoid very light fabric as it could cause you embarrassing moments when the wind blows.

Choose fun colors like yellows, greens, subtle oranges, off-whites and browns for a daytime wedding; for the evening, colors like purple, red, fuchsia will be appropriate.


Dressing for this season largely depends on where the wedding is set up. If it is outdoors, you can appropriately cover yourself from the cold winds or snow. Evening gowns, long cocktail dresses and trousers and blouses teamed with embroidered jacket will be suitable.

For an indoor wedding setting, pick dresses and gowns in pastel shades or rich solids like plum, brown, wine, blues and blacks. Speaking of colors, avoid whites as you are sure to see a burst of that color around you.

Choose off-shouldered, strapless, sweetheart necklines. Wear a defining accessory to draw attention away from a plain dress; accessories like clutches, bracelets, ornate footwear could uplift your overall look.

Thematic Wedding

If a theme has been specified, pick dresses that will help you blend in. The most popular is the beach theme. Wear something like a formal sundress or a maxi dress, which is practical and comfortable yet appropriate for the them. Choose light colors like pastel blues, greens and ivory. Accessories like headband, sandals and a natural hairdo will finish the look.

Religious Weddings

Each wedding has a different personality; religious weddings are solemn and formal events, and there are no two ways about dressing appropriately. Plunging necklines, very short dresses, and over-the-top make up are to be avoided. Well-fitted skirts and trousers, a sheath dress teamed with an embroidered cardigan or sweater will be appropriate. If it is a different culture from yours, read up on appropriate clothing and wear them.

Wedding Reception

As a wedding guest, a reception is a perfect ticket to glamorizing your look. Pick from sequined, embellished dresses in satin, velvet or silk. Accessories are a pivotal feature for this type of dressing; statement jewellery with a pair of high-heeled shoes and an evening bag are ideal for reception.

Everything Else

With the right elements to dazzle in a wedding, the following tips will add a touch of class to being a perfect guest:

- Always RSVP to an invitation. This will help the host plan better.
- Avoid anything that is over the top. After all, the bride and the groom are the focus, don’t steal their thunder.
- If you are going with a date or a few other people, you could help them dress suitably too.
- Always carry a shawl or a sweater; this may come in handy for those wardrobe emergencies.
-While the wedding ceremony is in progress, switch your phone off and avoid talking to people around you.
- If a “special” dance or bride and groom’s first dance is on, avoid dancing along unless you are invited to. The floor, if left open for the guests to dance, enjoy yourself.
- If there is a dance planned for the guests, wear shoes and dresses that you will feel comfortable. You do not want to trip and fall or feel uncomfortably while dancing.

We hope you will enjoy our selection of dresses for wedding guests and find the perfect outfit to wear to the wedding!

One Shoulder Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

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One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests  - Robert Rodriguez Women's Asymmetrical Sleeve Slim Dress
BCBGeneration Women's One Shoulder Ruffle Dress - One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses
One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest - BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Anadia One Shoulder Gown
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses - French Connection Women's Sassy Sparkle Dress
Alice & Trixie Women's Noelle Dress - One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress
Tracy Reese Women's One Shoulder Frock - One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress  - Nation LTD Women's Juneau Dress
One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest - Calvin Klein Women's One Shoulder Dress
Amanda Uprichard Women's One Shoulder Petal Dress - One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses
ABS Allen Schwartz Women's One Shoulder Drop Waist Gown With Trim - One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest
One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests  - London Times Women's Lace One Shoulder Dress
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress  - Three Dots Women's One Shoulder Dress
ABS Allen Schwartz Women's Sequin One Shoulder Gown - One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses - Calvin Klein Women's Flutter One Shoulder Dress
Kensie Women's Printed Stripes Dress - One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests
Tracy Reese Women's Marabou One Shoulder Dress - One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress  - BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Palais One Shoulder Dress
Jax Women's One Shoulder Dress- One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses
Maxandcleo Women's One Shoulder Cocktail Dress - One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest
One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests  - Allen Schwartz Prive Women's One Shoulder Dress
Maggy London Women's One Shoulder Printed Satin Dress - One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress
One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses - Suzi Chin Women's One Shoulder Dress
Jessica Simpson Women's One-shoulder Dress with Flutter Sleeve - One Shoulder Dresses for Wedding Guests
One Shoulder Dress for Wedding Guest - maxandcleo Women's One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

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When shopping for dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest a number of factors should be considered carefully before making your selection.   These are the most common tips and suggestions on wedding guest etiquette.
Wedding guests

Whenever we are invited to a wedding is a good opportunity to wear a beautiful dress, even better a dress or a dress so impressive that correspond to this special occasion wear. If our body type is cold and especially if we do not have a specificity that is covered, then choosing the right dress is an easy and enjoyable affair. We can choose between the long lines and even some simple ventilated sexy, always careful not to be too sexy because we want to be remembered in our style and not for other reasons. Bright colors like blue, green and red is an impressive selection and nothing binds us to our choice. Just make sure not to wear a white dress, because the privilege belongs to the bride!

Wedding Dresses guests are easy to find, no matter what size you are. Today, many designers offer a wide variety of evening gowns to wear to a wedding. For women, the larger, natural colors like light blue, light brown, light pink and ivory are some examples of colors available for them to choose, so they will be convinced of their appearance in this great night.
Spend some time to find the wedding accessories the most spectacular, such as belts, necklaces, bracelets, pashminas and shoes to match your dress.

Remember that this whole procedure of choice in the size, color and accessories to the dresses to wear to a wedding has one goal: That you will feel comfortable with your clothes and have a great time the marriage with friends, smiling and chatting. If you choose wisely then you have nothing to fear. It is better to be an elegant, chic, sophisticated woman of trying to be something you are not. Let your inner beauty and brilliance of personality.

(1) Try and search for what color the bridesmaids are wearing and if possible, and try not to wear the same colors as them it would be better if you did not choose the same color as the mother dresses wedding or mother of the groom dresses, as part of the bride are the largest customers of the women in the wedding and it is their privilege to surpass all the other glamorous guests in anothers wife the most important day.

(2) Never try to outshine the bride is an absolute sin and if you try to do this, you will feel very guilty afterwards and you will not only ruin your day, but especially you make the bride very unfortunate is her day and please allow her the luxury of eclipsing all the guests that day.

(3) If you go to a very formal evening wedding, black tie event search and look for evening dresses suitable for weddings, as you search, you’ll have plenty to choose from, ranging from long formal dress, cocktail dresses etc. (Note Do not choose too grumpy ball gowns), they are generally too complicated and fussy for dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, choose the dresses only for very sophisticated balls, bullets and military functions very formal.

(4) Note the time and place of marriage, as these factors will certainly influence the clothes that would be appropriate for you to wear.

(5) Most of all wedding guests when choosing appropriate clothing to wear to a wedding, they should choose something that is consistent with their personality and is sophisticated and comfortable, there is no need to look a million dollars if every day you are uncomfortable and self conscious of your dress, you should feel one hundred percent happy with your choice of outfit.

(6) Some good options you might choose for the dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, is a chic cocktail dress with jacket, the one that is not too tight or expose too much skin, or those overly decorated with sequins, if you want to dare to choose another function other than a marriage to experiment.

(7) If you want to wear a dress for example, a bare back, or stop the creation of shoulder or strapless dress, it would be wise to have a little jacket or shawl to match your dress, which can be worn for the ceremony as it is not good etiquette for a guest to expose the skin too. It is inappropriate to wear wedding dresses that are too bold, as the wedding take place later in the evening, it would be acceptable to take off your jacket and expose a little skin.

(8) If you go to a summer wedding on the beach, you can choose from many wedding gowns simple wedding dress in short cocktail dresses or just a very simple dresses were pretty.

(9) In general in the selection of dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, it is inappropriate to wear a black dress or a dress with sequins at a wedding during the day, it would be ok for a very formal evening wedding.

When this special occasion will be the most critical issue is what should I wear. What to wear dresses for a wedding are appropriate? If you are the wife, then you know what to wear, but what if you’re a special guest wedding attendance of parents or relations? In this case, the problem is where to find the mother of beautiful wedding gowns, dresses appropriately elegant and sophisticated wedding guest.


Most of the time the bride decides what bridesmaids have to wear. This is because they want them to match the main color and theme of the wedding. Ivory flower girl dresses are an easy choice for the bridesmaids.

Parents and family

The parents of the bride and groom are the most important right after the happy couple. It is therefore crucial for them to find the right outfit stylish and chic for the ultimate manifestation of their children. In deciding for the mother of bridal gowns, mother of the groom dresses or tuxedos for weddings, you should consider that this is not always an easy task.
Thank you to the many online shops you can choose from several special occasion dresses if she happens to be one of the mother of the couple. If size is a task for you, you should look for dresses plus size special occasion in light colors or even a dress with long sleeves. A good idea is to look for something, but to reveal something elegant appropriate for your formal occasion. Also women have the size to think positively and imagine themselves in the dress. Colour is important, also in fabric and style out. Usually simple lines are the solution. Curvy women can be beautiful if they are careful enough with their choice.